Family-friendly free screening & Farmer's market 9/14

Ag & Art Film Festival & Downtown Vacaville Present a Free Screening of "Biggest Little Farm" in Andrews Park - Saturday, 9/14

"Biggest Little Farm" and Farmers Market 

Food, beer & wine available to purchase

VIP Tent for VIP Festival Pass holders, catered by Full Belly Farm, wine by Vezer

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"Mother Nature has never been more inspiring"

Movie Trailer

Agriculture Films Screening at the Festival

September 13-15

Saturday, 9/14, 10:00AM - 12:00PM

Beauty & Bounty (short film playing before SkyGrazers)

Drones give us unique perspectives on the world, and this is especially striking over the sweeping landscapes of farm country. Jhan LaRosh describes how drones are used on his family farm to capture stunning views and share them with the world. This film shows the beauty of the Kansas plains and the bounty of wheat harvest.

Regenerative Secret  (short film playing before SkyGrazers)A Kiss The Ground film, featuring Dr. Williams, a leading expert in soil health and regenerative agriculture.  A Regenerative Secret pulls back the curtain on Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) and their detrimental impact on our ecosystem. More importantly, it offers an incredible alternative that most farmers, producers, chefs, and consumers aren't even aware of yet - regenerative agriculture.

What a Rancher Looks Like (short film playing before SkyGrazers)

It’s calving season on ranches around the West. For Maggie Schmidt, who grew up in Salt Lake City, it means cold, early mornings and cold, late nights. Maggie is a ranch manager in Deer Lodge, Montana and while there are moments she may still feel like an outsider, there usually isn’t time to worry about it. There is too much work to be done and always cows to be looked after.

SkyGrazers: A Story About the Flying Farmers (feature presentation)

Two lovebird ranchers make the leap to learn how to fly a plane together, realizing their lifetime dream of flying their own airplane from their grass airstrip on their farm, forever changing the path of their lives, they hope, for the better. But when tragedy strikes, and their plane crashes in a lake, was it all a mistake, that fateful decision they made together? To continue pursuing their dream, it takes a team, someone to share that path, to help the other get to the other side, together. Surrounded by a delightful age-old group, the International Flying Farmers, who share their love of agriculture, as stewards of the land, and a deep passion for aviation and flying, the lovebirds share their story, their plight in these changing times, and are determined keep the legacy of these 'cowboys in the sky' alive. A story of togetherness, family, and the pursuit of passion. A delightful ride in the sky! This uplifting documentary film celebrates a resilient group of rural aviators who show us that you're never too old to fly! Shedding light on the root of the pilot shortage, and the importance of agriculture in our changing times, SkyGrazers illustrates the triumphant stories and struggles of the International Flying Farmers.

Saturday, 9/14, 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Blows with the Wind (short, animated, student film playing before True Blue)

After some events for the scarecrow, the scarecrow becomes human.

True Blue (feature presentation)

Indigo is not just a colour, it never was... it was wealth, it was mystique, it was colonialism, tyranny and protest. It made history, but itself fell prey to the events and processes of time, until one day it seemed to disappear. 

As the world begins to demand natural dyes once again, it is back in the spot light. The stubborn dreamers who refused to forget their craft feel vindicated, but the world that once nurtured this difficult and capricious colour is no more. Crafting indigo requires body knowledge and commitment that is at variance with the ever-increasing demands dictated by fashions and trends that are themselves ephemeral but expect constancy from the craftsmen.  

As a dye, indigo is like no other; how does a green leaf yield blue colour? How do the different shades emerge? What is the chemistry that makes this possible? Neeli Raag explores the materiality and textures of this colour as it passes through myriad transformations to take its final avatar. This is juxtaposed cinematically with the meditative nature of the craftsman's work - in tune with the tools, immersed in the process for long hours. Skill, labour, material and craftsmanship... so enmeshed are these that it is difficult to say where one ends and the other begins.

Sunday, 9/15, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Pioneers (a short film playing before The Last Crop)

A thoughtful and scenic perspective on the beauty of farming and rural living, set to a passage by pioneer author Willa Cather. Even though removed from Cather's world by more than a century, the modern farmer embodies the spirit of the pioneers: Enjoyment of solitude, appreciation for nature, and stubborn independence.

From the Ground Up (a short film playing before The Last Crop)

What's next for the farm to table movement in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria?

The Last Crop (Capay Valley organic farm, "Good Humus Produce")An intimate exploration into the lives of small family farmers, Jeff & Annie Main of California's Central Valley. Inextricably woven within these organic pioneers' story is that their ten-year pursuit to ensure that a farm need not be imperiled at the end of every generation. 



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